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Puertas Seccionales de Garaje

Its efficient and innovative construction system, which performs the movement by springs and hinges package, which avoids any exertion of the engine.
This ensures that our doors are very durable, even under fairly constant use. Our sectional doors are manufactured to international standards using high quality steel. The spring system is calculated for each door, so that provide a perfect balance, thus the garage door will always operate in an optimum steady state which will increase its durability.

- Sandwich panel with 40 mm. thick.
- Galvanized steel side guides.
- Horizontal and vertical guides in galvanized steel.
- Drums.
- Torsion spring.
- Support of spring.
- Axis.
- Hinge.
- Roller bearings.
- Board of top, bottom and side.
- Locking system for spring break.
- Internal lock (optional)
- PVC handle.
- Visor (optional)
- Full Automatic 1000N included.

They are manufactured with two pre-painted galvanized steel sheets with high resistance to oxidation.
- In the chamber formed between them polyurethane foam is injected high-density, obtaining very satisfactory results in thermal and acoustic insulation and resistance to any act of vandalism.
- The panels are manufactured in a thickness of 40 mm.
- Panels, hinged together, they slide smoothly along the side guides of synthetic material by means of rollers that incorporate ball bearings.
- The system provides exceptional smoothness in operation by the slightest touch of its elements.
- All models are manufactured panel on the inside blank.

The engine is overheating protection to ensure their safety.
- The automatic delay lighting when the door is opening or closing the passive lighting system turns on and off automatically.
- More than a billion security codes secrets. The remote system uses a built-changing code to 433.92 MHz
- Different types of operation. Three ways to control your garage door, remote control, wall button or jog.
- Opening and unlocking the motor on the outside of the home (optional). In case of loss of voltage through the security key can unlock the engine from outside the housing, in order to cause the manual opening of the door.
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Puertas de garaje seccionales - Puertas de seguridad

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