Venta de puertas de aluminio, exterior, metálicas y rústicas.

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MODEL 117 ALCAZAR Precio no disponible online. Consúltenos


Sheet, consisting of two sheets of aluminum with high quality materials (ALCOA), special coating for exterior exposure QUALICOAT special certification. Inside the leaf, plywood moisture, with total thickness of 45 mm, providing a high impact resistance and good thermal and acoustic insulation.
Aluminum Fence 2 mm thick and 120 wide, with quality certification DOORS TOLEDO exclusive design and the possibility of overlapping curved on both sides. Customised paint QUALICOAT exposure outside.
Lock 3 points and 10 pins, with anti-lever safety system patented anti-backlash. Special shield against drilling. Reversible flat key.
Hinge solid brass or steel, with antilever security system, all the hinge followed by a single piece with 5 knots. Gold Coat Finish special anti-oxidation.
Moldings exclusive design with stainless steel accessories to both sides.
High quality lacquered, guaranteed quality special Lael QUALICOAT periodically monitored lavel coating plant by inspectors of the Ministry of Public Works for special outdoor exposure. Variety of finishes (lacquered color and special effect finishes wood made with polyurethane, especially for exposure to weather).
Standard sizes: 2090 x 900/2090 x 960/2090 x 990. Possibility of special measures. Complete Fence Gate 120 mm. 45 mm thick sheet.
The tones shown in the overview page for this product are indicative. See our great variety of finishes.
All door models can be manufactured with optional bicolor finish (one color on each side of the door).
For all samples, they can incorporate fixed and upright lateral superior measure.

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Fabricantes de puertas. Venta de puertas de aluminio, exterior, metálicas y rústicas.

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